Wednesday, July 4, 2012

So, Europe happened


Long time no blog, right?  Our absence has made us even more awesome, so you will be rewarded for your patience.  Just kidding, we are the same boring people but have had some AMAZING adventures here lately.  It all started with Matt's graduation from George Mason University with his Masters in Public Administration.  Way to go grad!  Bring on the loan re-payments!  But being responsible seems soooooo boring.  You know what's not boring?  Europe.  So off we went...

It was great spending time with Matt's parents while they were out here.  For some crazy reason we seem to really love Matt.  Despite his aggressive driving and verbal abuse.

Matt was able to squeeze in an important conference call
Q: Matt's favorite tube stop?  A: Cockfosters.
Soaking up some culture at Covent Garden

Matt insisted on wearing his sweater like this, so we walked on opposite sides of the street for half a day.
my favorite find at the British Museum.  Sexy little lion!

soaking up some culture
Westminster was amazing.  good choice, Kate!

Proud supporters of the olympics AND Omega
Kept singing stupid Fergie songs ALL DAY LONG, even though this is Tower Bridge.  

Beefeater (to Matt): This is your wife?  You're punching well above your weight class. (Oh, Mr. Beefeater,  I love you)

We survived on baguettes and diet coke.  It was awesome.

  taking a picture of Matt taking a picture....a new hobby of mine
Trafalgar Square.  

A little bike ride in Hyde Park.  Bikes not pictured, use your imagination people.
It was hot after our mighty bike ride, but we were true champions and still managed to hold down some herbal tea

I elbowed three French girls and pulled one Italian's hair to get this picture

When the Queen was "too busy" for us, we knew it was time to move Paris!

Matt capturing the majesty of the Louvre 

My mom's final advice to me before the trip, "Be Romantic".  And so, here a lot of pictures of us being romantic....
Eiffel tower at sunset?!  Done and done.

romance bonus points for kissing on the eiffel tower!

True romance: sharing your strawberry and nutella crepe.
Then it was off to Montmarte, to romantically spend a lot of money on artwork.  But seriously, this is one of my favorite places in Paris.
Matt is good at the "surprise" romance

Seine river cruise at sunset?!  Cross that off the list.  You may ask yourself if we had the pleasure of sitting behind a homosexual German couple, and yes, yes we did. 

Mr. Romance

Romantic and good navigating.  Total package.

Versailles: a nice, understated palace just outside the city...
The Queen's bedroom.  I think it suits me.

Matt practicing his superior photo skills

Could be a nice starter home?

Hall of mirrors, definitely worth the trip
Personal space!!!

Paris just brings out the inner PDA monster inside of me.  I'm really sorry.

Sorry for all the pictures but, believe it or not, this is just a sample of the fun things we got to do.  We had a fantastic trip and can't wait to go on our next adventure.  Going back to London and Paris was really fun and the best part was being able to experience it again with Matt.  I am so lucky to have the opportunity to do such amazing things and to have the perfect travel buddy with me.  I can't think of any other man that would walk around London at midnight while hauling all of the luggage because his wife refuses to leave Europe without her body weight in Cadbury chocolate.